Eli N. H.

Play both as quietly and as near to unison with those around you as possible.

Gather any number of cars in a suitably large space. For the duration of the piece, beginning with a single horn, each driver should honk their horn in long plateus of sound, so as to generate an overlapping and continuous medium. The cars’ engines should be off, unless moving to another location in the space. Open duration.

Take the sand in your hands or some other vessel and let it slip through your grasp. Let it go in torrents or trickles. Let it fall from a height or from very near to the ground. Let it fall on planes and inclines; inside, outside, and onto objects; into piles and drifts and empty spaces.

Carefully balance
four or five stones,
each atop the other.
Once balanced,
light a firecracker.

When the train door closes and as the train begins to accelerate, open and sustain a long tone. Your sound should be soft but present. As the next train arrives and its doors open, conclude your tone. Repeat.

1. Walking

Play a spare tone while walking.
Make a sound.

2. Big record

With or without the aid of a contact microphone and amplifier, find a suitable stick and drag it behind you as you walk.

Write out this score on a piece of paper.
Fold the paper, and then carefully unfold it.
Repeat until softened, and nearly

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