Eli N. H.

Release notes:

“glissando i” and “glissando ii” are two realizations of the same score. “glissando i” was performed on a street corner in ridgewood, new york, in june 2020. “glissando II” was performed in washington square park in november 2020.

in july 2020 i recorded “quintet i” in marblehead, massachusetts. “quintet ii” shares this piece’s fingerwork, but calls for different breathwork. it was realized with ella heron, sophia o’brien-udry, story ponvert, and matthew tuggle in february 2021, near the same corner in ridgewood where i recorded “glissando i.” this joyful, friendly occasion was the keystone of the record sliding quietly into place.

released june 2021 by Edition Wandelweiser Records

group photo


1 glissando i
2 quintet i
3 quintet ii
4 glissando ii

composer: eli neuman-hammond
players: eli neuman-hammond (slide whistle); ella heron (slide whistle); sophia o’brien-udry (slide whistle); story ponvert (slide whistle); matthew tuggle (slide whistle)
recording, mixing: eli neuman-hammond
mastering: jack callahan
executive producer: antoine beuger
layout: daniel bechem, mess media, berlin
printed by: das druckhaus, korschenbroich

Available in US here. Orders outside the US can be made on the EWR website.

cover disk

from glissando i

from quintet i

Score for "glissando"

glissando score

Score for "quintet i"

quintet i score

whistle on desk
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